[Syncet] The Coincidental Phenomenon of Suzumiya Haruhi by Syncet
January 11, 2008, 2:01 pm
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Firstly, if you’re looking for anything Haruhi related, I suggest you go search again. This is not a post where I idolize her incessantly. This is a random and somewhat interesting rant(to me of course) relating to coincidences I saw.

Now, I had no inspiration whatsoever in writing a post and I’ll first tell you the short story of how it came to me. You see, I was out jogging today- I decided to finally exercise(after I didn’t for the whole monsoon season) and it looked like it was going to rain in about an hour. So I said to myself. I’m going to make this quick and get it over with. Plus the last time the sky looked like that, it didn’t rain.

So there I was jogging on the road, and BLAM, halfway through, it begins to rain. I run to the nearest shelter which thankfully, was nearby. A few seconds later, a man in his 60s runs in and says “What a time to rain huh.” I agree and we don’t talk from then on. So I decide to wait it out, since the sky was pretty bright- it wasn’t that kind of thunderstorm rain. Wait. Wait. Wait. There’s no seat and I’m stuck there with nothing to do- I didn’t bring my phone out you see. I start thinking- what was interesting today…I start thinking of a person I know, and suddenly it hit me.

Fast forward to now, after I ran back home in that infernal rain which didn’t give up after half an hour of waiting in that shelter. I decide to write about how coincidentally, sometimes I feel like in Kyon’s position; with a Haruhi irritating me, of course. So I’ll refer to this person as Haruhi.

Haruhi has been in my class for a long time. Last year, after I watched The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi[SHnY] and was in class talking random talk with my fellow otakus. This included- if we cosplayed, what characters would suit us. So apparently my friend looked at me and said to me. He’s got the Kyon attitude man, he’s like a natural. It’s just him.

As I thought about Kyon, the first image in my head was: Kyon sitting in the classroom and staring out of the window. You know those typical anime scenes where the protagonist does that to idle right? Then I recalled the scene where Haruhi pulled Kyon back and said she was going to form the SOS-dan while the whole class looked at them. Then I remembered Haruhi sat at the extreme left side of the class and was the last person in the row, Kyon in front of her. I looked at where I sat, and began laughing. Kyon’s seat. So who was sitting in Haruhi’s seat? The Haruhi of my life(in Kyon’s perspective if you catch my drift).

Now we’ll talk about the Haruhi of my life. Haruhi is irritating to a certain extent sometimes/most of the time, but is barely bearable (nice alliteration + assonance no?). I cannot understand Haruhi quite a lot of times. Haruhi does weird things. Even if Haruhi and Kyon(in both anime and my life) share similar beliefs- aliens, time travelers, espers(anime) and anime(life), Haruhi appears to extreme at times(she is god in the anime after all, but the Haruhi of my life is NOT god of my life[thank the heavens]) Haruhi often pulls me into situations. Last but not least, Haruhi is a loner. I’m just generalizing this whole affair in case Haruhi decides to come to my SOS-dan website and start reading but yes that’s the idea.

Coincidence? Maybe. Or maybe I’m watching too much and reading too much into things, but seriously, if you had a Haruhi in your life and you were Kyon, I don’t think it’s be fun. To be in the shoes of Kyon that is, coming from his perspectives.

Kind of random no? This post? Did you expect something BIG, from the bombastic title? Sorry if I disappointed you but like I mentioned, we’re normal people leading normal lives. I’m just ranting about an aspect of my life I noticed somehow coincided with an anime. Flame me if you want now, if you think I wasted your time- I did caution you. Besides, I’m a new writer around the block, I lack inspiration and experience so I decided to tell you about my life and strange coincidences. *Raises up shield to defend against incoming flames*

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