[Syncet] Very Late Submissions for Sports Dome Design by Syncet
January 27, 2008, 5:26 pm
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This is a late report by yours truly. Apparently I’m so busy these days that I can’t turn my computer on half the time for fear of getting so distracted by it that my work piles over my head. Maybe I just suck at time management. So I actually thought up this idea and wanted it posted last week, but only got my ass down to it today. However, until I get the scanner up and working, you won’t be able to see my sketches.(in place, I got a couple of horrible mouse-drawn photoshop pics) T-T I’ll upload them ASAP but in the meantime, so really sorry =( I actually planned out more than two but unfortunately, due to time and brain constraints I scrapped the other two.

The first design we’ll be looking at is aimed at all Naru-<3
it’s entitled The Oriental Narutard.

Oriental Narutard

That’s a rough sketch of it. In the curved area houses the running track and the field. The curve is where the people will sit at. It is styled similar to the colosseum where the walls slowly increase in height from the middle to the outer ends. the sharp point branching out from the curve is a door which can be opened to turn the closed water arena inside to an open water arena/docks. When the doors are opened, spectators will be dazzled by the magnificent view, especially the views of the Singapore night. Alternatively, the doors can be closed, when the glare of the sun is too hot.

To allow access to the doors from the inside of the colosseum, the seats above the door have to be removed and instead, to maintain the same overhead view, be replaced with only with a raised commentator’s box/VIP’s box. This commentator’s/VIP’s box is fully air-conditioned and will provide maximum comfort and the best viewpoint of the whole Dome.

The kink in the design at the far right is where all the shopping and food complexes will be. After a long game, spectators will be tired and hungry. Here, they can purchase a wide variety of food from all over. At the same time, for foreign spectators game for some shopping, this is the perfect area to be during those pre and post match times when the whole Dome is filling up. Oriental Narutard promises much, but problems include the maintenance of the large doors, and the way the doors are built and placed such that it is efficient and not troublesome to take care of.

The Second design we are looking at is entitled
H is For…

H is For

H is for Haruhi, H is for Hirano Aya, H is for Hentai, H is for…Uniquely Singapore(H isn’t in ‘Uniquely Singapore’ and that makes it uniquely part of it =)). H also stands for a lot of other things, which the brain dead me now can’t seem to think up. There are good and bad points of this design, firstly, the stadium is separated neatly into 2, similar to Oriental Narutard’s gates. Imagine being able to enjoy a magnificent water performance while enjoying the cool breeze. Don’t you feel invigorated already?

The standard track and field are located in the section closer to the inland and the seating at the inner edges of the H there is similar to the seating of the old National Stadium, however behind in the building, various shops are located for your shopping leisure and also pathways to the next section where the water sports can be enjoyed.

The part of the H where left line meets right line is where the Commentator/VIP’s box will be. Like the Oriental Narutard, this is fully air-conditioned and provides ultimate comfort to people in here. however, unlike the Oriental Narutard, this whole section is not raised, or in the air. It is a solid wall but there will be doors below to allow people to walk to and fro between the two sections.

Located on the inner sides of the H on the section closer to the water, are large balconies. this is for the general public to see and view whatever is happening at the moment in the water. Depending on how high the H is built, the view will be more or less magnificent and grand.(the higher the better) The outer section can also function as a docks.

Very much like the Oriental Narutard, H is for is also similar in design, having been designed by the same person(me) However, its very open and airy design ensures that the area is relatively cool, as compared the the Oriental Narutard which becomes an oven on hot days.

As of yet, I may have missed out some details of the two designs, or i haven’t thought them up. So…Look forward to my horrible sketches on my sketchbook which almost look the same as the photoshop drawings I posted up there =) hahahah.


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