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February 6, 2008, 4:42 pm
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Okay, i recently began watching Persona-trinity soul-. So far, episode 1-5 managed to capture my attention. (<3 the OP, it’s not bad =)) BTW, this is condensing 5 episodes into one review, and I’ll be selectively picking certain parts.

Some anime start of the series by throwing you information smack in the face, its good that they throw it at you, so you won’t get lost. however it’s also good that they don’t tell you straight in the face, cause that ‘mysterious’ factor of not understanding what’s happening draws audience to keep watching. Also, if the protagonist(Shin in this case) also doesn’t know what’s going on, his experiences leading to when he( and audience) understands what goes on will bind audiences watching it closer to him.

I found the opening sequence(ep 1) with the red haired girl a little funny- she’s sinking into the water, it’s silent, then opera music pops out of nowhere with her giving an ecstatic look and pointing to the surface like some e.t. (-.-). Episode 1 begins with a talk about a dream between Shin and Jun, we find out the reason why they’re on the plane. When Shin and Jun walk up the slope to get to their house, the music that plays in the background adds a very beautiful nostalgic effect(what can I say lol, it’s nice music). The whole ‘home sweet home’ feeling is there, with the snowy scene where they return to their old home. The emphasis on the background, and when Shin recalls the past and looks at the desolate, yet welcoming forest where they used to play, these are experiences where people can relate to- ever been away from home for a long time(a week would suffice)? Shin and Jun speak about Yuki, who is Jun’s twin; they speak of her as though she’s gone and dead(probably i guess).

What’s with the drugs that Ryou (the CoP lol) and the dude took after Ryou’s persona defeated his. it’s in the first episode that we’re shown the first action fight- Shin and the other dude(I can’t remember and be bothered in finding out his name). Ryou!! acting cool and all, with his silent and professional sort of attitude.(kind of reminds me of Byakuya from Bleach, but I don’t watch Bleach anymore). After the brief teaser of action, we meet this old man, whom, Takurou later also claims to have met. I’m starting to rant. Fast forward, when Ryou first finally meets Shin and Jun. Another tune of nostalgia plays as they first step into their homes. The first episode ends with Shin’s persona coming out and defeating the previous random dude’s. At first, when I first watched episode 1, lol, i thought he was possessed by the thing. XD. What’s with the hand pointing up to the sky at the end of the first episode. -.-

Episode 2, we learn that the dude isn’t alone. Riiight. Also, if i were Jun, I also wouldn’t get what he was trying to explain “OOO it actually happened! it was kind of, like, coming out of my head or back…From inside me there was this…Like, bam!” “But there was, like, this girl chasing me, and then, bang(shipakkk lol he made that sound)! And then I was flying through the sky and…” – Totally understandable *nods head sarcastically*

So they have to leave the city. Why? Ryou doesn’t say till later(frigging retard) What kind of …person can sleep through classes till lunch?! The first about 10mins of the episode when Ryou is the main focus, action gets pumped up(woooo) Oh and someone please explain what shadow-stripping(not the one in the karaoke bar later in episode) is. I still sort of don’t get what it is and how putting your hand on the other person’s shoulders while behind him causes him to be shadow-stripped. OMG does shadow-stripping awaken persona in people? lol call me dumb, I don’t know, I didn’t play the game and I haven’t read up about it, albeit having heard about it a long time ago.

LOL and episode 3? The start when Shin and Takurou stumble into the room where the girls are getting ‘shadow-stripped’(lol) morimoto over megumi, it looked like she was some vampire or something HAHA. Oh and Ryou can’t pretend to not care about Shin. I sound like I’m commenting on the who thing uugh. But I’m trying not to start a summary of the whole episode. >.<

Back to business. Itou is made out as a nosy idiot, but his concerns aren’t baseless either. Woo, Byakuya Ryou strikes back. Sorry if I sound so random. It’s like CNY and I’m a little off. Soutaro is a cool dude. The red girl appears again!! And the whale feathers somehow make me feel like she’s related to Yuki or something. Oh on a side note, the previews for the next episode are very mysterious, somehow linked to the episode and hahaha yeah unique(for me that is)

I won’t say so much, to avoid talking more crap. Anyway, the episode that struck me the most I think was episode 4. I liked the parts about Shin, Jun and Ryou. Especially the last part where Yuki the moe ❤ twin sister of Jun appears for a moment(Whoops! Spoiler) yeah…I’m losing my mood to write as time passes by..it’s CNY people…

Episode 5(yes the quality of my post is degrading and it wasn’t so good to begin with.) Soutaro reveals something to the audience or hints at it at least. Shin can steal persona without killing the people(so that means all A-Plus Latents can? And why do you want to steal persona?)

Interesting fight – Soutaro vs Shin. And finally Ryou reveals his concern!! He says he wants Shin and Jun out of the city because he doesn’t want them to get hurt. 2nd round Soutaro vs Shin…Fight!! But then Takurou seems out of control and I don’t understand still. There are some stuff looking visually can’t explain right? Like Shin jumping on Takurou to deactivate his persona before he went mad or something. He looked like he hugged him hard. -.- I like how episode 5 ended with Shin’s resolve, especially with the “you’re not the one that decides that” *silence* “that’s all” *ED song plays* and the ED is not bad, especially the opening instrumental and chorus.

Persona looks promising, I suppose I’ll keep watching. And post about it if I have time hahaha. Happy Lunar New Year to all you people. =)


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