[Triggs] Getting Your Girlfriend into Anime by Triggs
February 13, 2008, 2:06 pm
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Okay, here’s the deal see: Valentines’ Day is tomorrow so I decided to do a little something about romance. Many men will be forced, at some point, to part with their beloved anime/manga/loli stash by supreme order of their female companions. This can be avoided using proven game system/girlfriend social activities to gradually introduce otaku culture to your loved one and vice versa. You may not get her into Gundam 00, but she may end up watching some anime you both can enjoy.

Disclaimer: The following are theoretical statements meant for advisory purposes. Triggs is still single and therefore cannot test them out for himself. He did try it on his sister but failed miserably; but it’s a sister, not a girlfriend so it doesn’t count.


1. Knowledge is power. Do your homework and find out her anime-watching history. Perhaps she watched Card Captor Sakura when it was still showing on Kids Central, or actually watched the Death Note movie to see what all the hoo-ha was all about. For that matter, majority of households have access to Animax so you’re probably going to find something that you can use. Bottom-line, if you know her history, you can analyze her tastes and make a better choice of what anime you want to introduce to her first.

2. During the first few dry runs, watch anime with her and try to pass it off as quality time. Naturally as quality time it would require you to shift some of your thought processes towards her and not focus too much on Haruhi. However, be aware that it will only count as quality time if she enjoys it, so try not to force it onto her or risk an argument.

3. Pick out an anime she might like. If you’re not 100% sure you might wish to get a second opinion from someone else or Riuva’s otaku helpline: http://www.riuva.com/?p=960.

          Start off with an anime that isn’t too confusing, which puts Neon Genesis Evangelion out of the picture.

         Consider her personality. Is she the type that laughs a lot? If so you might want to start with Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu. Is she a fan of dramas? Start with Kanon. Does she like fantasy realms? Tsubasa Chronicles is a good place to start.

         For the initiation period anyway, anything with sexual connotations, excessive violence and gore, other vices should be avoided. That means hiding Black Lagoon and Elfen Lied.

4. Have fun when you watch with her. If you make it a good time she will enjoy it, even if she’s not that “into anime.” Crack jokes, make her laugh, and focus primarily on spending time with her, not on finishing the episode. Be prepared to help her out, especially when it comes to those tricky plot devices. Helping her will not only avoid her getting frustrated and fed up, but it will foster a sense of “communal watching” and help her see what a great guy you are.

5. Be understanding and supportive. Everyone starts out as a noob. When discussing about what you watched last night, don’t dismiss he thoughts and viewpoints even if they are similar to the narutard that sits diagonally behind you in class. If she hangs out with you long enough, she’ll change for the better.

6. The next time you’re in a Comics Connection or other merchandise shops, casually walk by the DVD section and ask her if there’s anything that catches her eye. She’ll probably say no at first but after some coaxing, she’ll open up. If she’s interested enough, bring her to Mecca: Sunshine Plaza.


– Don’t assume anything about her interest and experience in anime. She just may be able to make you look like a complete moron when it comes to anime. Or worse, a narutard.

  Recognize that she probably doesn’t want to watch anime for 8 hours at a time. When she wants to do something else, don’t make her continue to watch or make her feel guilty for only playing for 2 hours – or even for only 10 minutes. Thank her for giving it a chance, and tell her you had fun and you hope you can continue sometime else.

– Hide the hentai/ecchi/loli stash.

– If you can get a girl who started out with no interest in anime to enjoy Haruhi, you’ve done well, exceedingly well. Eventually she may watch Gundam with you. Or even hentai! Maybe. One can dream.

– Eventually she might want to move onto other anime. Do her a favor and pass her your external hard drive or DVDs if you have them; or download it for her if you don’t. The last thing you want is to have her download it herself during the initiation period when her fandom is not yet concrete.

– If you wish to introduce her to other genres, try to introduce “hybrid” versions of the particular genre. For example if you want to introduce her to mecha, and you know she like it humorous, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan is a good choice before actually bringing in Gundam.

– Having a large screen or projection monitor may help get your girlfriend “into” the anime. It’s much easier to get drawn into the show and pay attention on a big screen instead of squinting to see what’s happening on a small one.

– If your girlfriend gives your love of anime a chance (whether she likes it or not), willingly agree to give one of her hobbies a chance, even if it’s not something you think you’ll enjoy.

– If you do find a girlfriend who already loves anime… keep her.


– If you try to get your girlfriend into something you’re into that she’s not, she may feel justified in doing the same with you. If she’s a good sport, you should be, too.

– If you get her into anime, you just might unlock the yaoi fangirl within. Beware.

– If you’re the kind of person who shouts phrases with extremely violent cursing at cliffhangers, or at Sunrise when they screwed Gundam up yet again, try not to do so. It may show her that you’re not a very civil person. (Also, be prepared for her to reveal that she is not a very civil person by violently cursing after cliffhangers.)

– If your girlfriend is content to read or do something else while you do your thing, and politely tells you she’s tried but she just isn’t interested in anime, consider letting her be. She’s not nagging you or trying to change you, so don’t nag her or try to change her. It’s not important for a couple to share all their interests; it’s important for them to accept and respect each other.

– This is not surefire to work on all girls. Some girls are not the type that fits.


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During the first few dry runs, watch anime with her and try to pass it off as quality time. Naturally as quality time it would require you to shift some of your thought processes towards her and not focus too much on Haruhi.

Oh good Lord… and I thought I was weird XD…

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