[Syncet] We’re still alive! by Syncet
March 9, 2008, 6:31 pm
Filed under: Random

During the past few weeks, we were buried under piles of events and things and whatnots that just happened to coincidentally coincide with each other. After being buried under that pile of junk we call life…I’m back here to say hey~ we’re not dead. Haha… just a short update..I decided to drop Persona for the time being. Shinsen stopped subbing it, and I stopped watching along with it. I guess, it was good, but then it started to get bland. Well, maybe my life’s the thing that was making it bland, with it’s stupid depressing atmosphere. Meanwhile, I picked up a short anime series(6 episodes). I recently finished torrenting it and currently am watching it. It’s called Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora, sometimes shortened as Hantsuki.

It’s about a girl named Rika with a heart problem and the main character, Ezaki, who has acute hepatitis. They both are in hospital for their illnesses. The nurse one day introduces Ezaki to Rika(who has just transferred to the hospital) and asks him to make friends with her…

The anime has decent music, I personally like the tune of the ED. This anime was adapted from the light novel series of the same name. So far it’s still okay, meaning it isn’t the kind that makes me close my player by 10seconds. Or by the end of a minute. It’s worth watching, if you need to kill time, and don’t have enough of that to devote to a 13 or 26 episode series. I mean so far that I’ve watched it(halfway), it isn’t terribly bad.

Something else I’d like to recommend is a manga called ‘Sakura no Uta’. I read it last year, and decided to re read it recently. It’s not bad a slice of life manga, and I recommend it. Apparently the game is by the same producer as H2O: Footprints in the Sand(doesn’t the name sound familiar? =)) In the manga, the chapters sometimes are very sudden, but it’s still good. It builds upon it’s character’s very nicely, The ending was sudden, but I think if the manga was longer, I might not have appreciated it. All in all worth your time, in my opinion!

Sorry this post seems so short. Haha… and sorry once more for being overdue. Oh and the sketch i promised before, i gave up trying to get the scanner to work so… =\ guess it’ll remain in my sketchbook forever =)


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