[Syncet] =\ Last Exile anyone? by Syncet
April 28, 2008, 2:00 am
Filed under: Anime, Random

Unfortunately, after the last post, we got even busier. As I sit here in front of my desktop, tapping out these words, I’m wondering about the huge workload waiting for me, and my wondrous ability to procrastinate till such a pile even managed to form. I haven’t really dedicated my time to this site. I keep saying I’ll do it when I’m really free, but what ends up happening is I don’t ever finish my work, and slack in between my work a lot. =\ I got problems sorting out my time. need.to.take.control.of.mylifeman..

Anyway. Yes, I’m surprised we’re still holding out. Anyway, recently, I went back two two relatively old anime series. One of which is Last Exile. I can’t personally say it’s heavenly, but it’s really good. Its character development is really emphasized on, and it is this point which made it so good. Its plot on the other hand…can’t say that I really understood the ending.

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