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May 29, 2008, 5:15 pm
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Hi all,

as usual, I post after I realize that this site is apparently rotting and I have some free time (=\). Back after a week long overseas CIP to Bintan, I was dead tired yesterday. I was supposed to write this before I left, but oh well. Here’s the short review on the anime, since I watched it what…a month ago, and details are a little hazy. May contain spoilers.

–Start of Review–

Eureka Seven is a great anime with great music throughout the series. Despite being a somewhat old anime, it still is good. Don’t let the character art and design throw you off (if you think it sucks) it’s a pretty good anime.

Eureka Seven’s main character is Renton Thurston, a young boy who has dreams. Like all of us before society takes us all and throws the hard reality at us. Through the anime, we track Renton’s adventures and sees him mature spiritually, though seemingly not physically (whats with the same clothes and almost same look throughout the series man.) I must say it is an anime with very good character development. Okay so here’s the ‘summary’ of what I think about the series.

1-27ish: Really really good. What’s so good is that it can draw you in to watch the next episode even after you haven’t watched it for a week. These episodes focus on the constant development of the characters, especially Renton. Not much plot is developed and the audience is left wondering what in the world is going on, if they manage to overcome the overflowing emotions of ‘ohmygoshohmygoshgoodcharacterdevelopmenttttt!!’ that is brought out in these episodes.

27ish-END: Well, for the later part here’s the problem. See, we’re left clueless till around these episodes where they start to reveal more of the plot, with an increasing tempo. However, there’s so much plot that the last part ends up rushing so much that I just get confused at what’s happening (partially also because I was busy around that period of time when I was watching the end and didn’t concentrate and use my brain) anyone who gets it, tell me cause I don’t want to re-watch it hahaha.

Like I said. Great music, period. Anyway, I would like to focus on one part of the anime. Charles and Ray. The mercenary couple employed by the idiot Dewey Novak to retrieve Eureka and Nirvash (for those who don’t know, Eureka is the one whom Renton likes and Nirvash is the LFO she pilots, I won’t go into spoilers). Charles and Ray are a loving couple and fight with the justification that they are paid to fight. Renton Leaves Gekko State for a while, because of some reason I can’t remember and meets up with Charles and Ray. They treat him and raise him as though he was their child (warm fuzzy feeling). The dramatic irony here is really strong, with the audience knowing that Charles and Ray were employed and are now Renton’s enemies, but them not knowing anything. Either way, they are shown to be fun loving people and just real real real real nice (Renton mentions this). Renton develops a bond with them, just as they all find out they are enemies, but they let him decide on what he wants to do.

Yes so later to cut things short, Charles is killed by Holland, Gekko State’s leader after a fight. Ray blows up Charles body with the explosives he consumed to escape. She later attempts to kill everyone in Gekko State in her unstable mental state (sorry about the massive amoutns of state) and she gets killed.

You see, the anime is really good in the sense that it can twist you around its finger(if it had any) They made Charles and Ray so nice and fun loving people, that you might think there would be another way, a non-violent way around the matter. However they were just killed like nobody’s business. I can’t really write out what I felt at that time, cause when I watched that, it was quite a long while ago. (cannot recapture the mood) so sorry, if I just sounded draggy when I started talking about it.

ANYWAY. Eureka Seven is overall good not bad, but too rushed towards the end. Kind of like Last Exile sort of rush to me. I recommend people to watch it. Oh and it has a nice concept of the LFOs fighting in the air on waves sort of thingamajig.

–End of Review–

back to life. Now that I’m back, reality is crashing in home on me. Got my exams straight after June, and I just found out my favorite teacher in the whole wide world isn’t teaching me from next term onwards. Feeling like shit now, I swear he is the best and coolest teacher, mentor and friend ever. (I’m sounding childish here)

Doesn’t help I lost my phone before I left for the overseas CIP. All my contacts, all the calender entries, all the MONEY LOST. It was pretty new at that, around a year old. Damn it.

As for the CIP trip, well, I found out stuff about my classmates, I’m even closer to some, and not like some others. It was really enjoyable trip too, though I would wish it was even more meaningful, and we were more interactive with the locals. You see, we went to visit an orphanage. The oldest kid was..under 7 years old I think. On the last day we would see them, as the shaky bus rambled downhill, away from the orphanage, I looked back to see one particular child running behind. He looked troubled and didn’t stop running. I mentioned to my classmates and soon everyone started looking and shouting for the bus to stop. Our teacher got down and we passed the ball we brought along to give to the child as a parting gift. The moment he got the ball, his face lit up and he smiled. It was very heartwarming to bring a smile to his little face. At that moment, I wish we had spent more time to bond with them, to be able to give them some inkling of the family warmth they never experienced. The bus rumbled slowly down the hill.

*random* Mangrove planting was cool.

There was also fun stuff besides the CIP like coconut tree climbing. All I can say that it was fun, even though we lived in what my friends all called a hellhole, shithole, cesspool. In spite of all that, on the last night there, I saw the sincerity of the owner and caretakers of the place of accommodation, and I just forgot that tiniest bit of resentment towards the accommodation that I held.

After all, nothing is perfect, and that was a CIP trip- we weren’t there to enjoy life, but to touch other’s lives.

P.S. Sorry no pictures for the trip. I didn’t bring a cam- didn’t want to bring valuables, and I haven’t gotten the pictures from my friends. (not planning to post them up even if I get them =p too lazy and I’m not photogenic =))


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