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Yamibakeru- who has yet to post

=) We’re too lazy to introduce ourselves =)
We’re new in this area so if we make any mistakes, please forgive us and point it out or something.
Also, Some stuff in here might be opinionated and please don’t take it too personal and harshly upon yourself to rant about it. We all got different opinions.


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Dear Anime Blogger,

Given the exponential growth of the anime blogosphere, the number of quality blogs with insightful opinions and perspectives are ever increasing. Yet a majority of the blogs out there remain isolated, lacking a sense of community and meaningful interaction. The Anime Blog Awards was created in order to bridge that gap by recognising worthy bloggers and their achievements in various fields.

With that in mind, please visit http://animeblogawards.com for more details and vote for your favourite blog. Your vote counts! It would be great if you could make a post on your blog regarding its official date (April 1st, and no, this isn’t an elaborate April Fools either) to inform your fellow anime bloggers of the award. Our vision is to make this the first major event for all anime bloggers and something we can look forward to every year.

The Anime Blog Awards Committee

Comment by The Anime Blog Awards Committee

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